1-crossvaneSteady Stream Hydrology designs stream projects to incorporate multiple goals with the overall goal of providing long-term stability for the river system. For example, the following photo shows a project where we successfully helped a rancher improve an irrigation diversion while increasing channel stability and enhancing fisheries habitat. Natural Channel concepts make it possible to achieve all of these goals in a holistic fashion rather than using a single-focus or “hardening” approach that may actually undermine other stream features.

Our designs begin with mapping and assessment of channel type, state, and trend. Because of our comprehensive methods, we have been very successful in permitting our plans through authorities such as the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Final design occurs during construction utilizing a design-build technique where we use only highly-trained specialized equipment operators. Our extensive construction experience ensures that the project is built accurately and efficiently, incorporating appropriate field modifications and minimizing disturbance to the river system.