Steady Stream Hydrology, Inc provides comprehensive management of rivers, watersheds and riparian areas nationwide.  Based in beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming the professionals at SSH offer specialized expertise in the areas of assessment and restoration of river systems using Natural Channel Design concepts.

The Steady Stream Hydrology team includes a diverse and experienced group of professionals who have been actively engaged in stream restoration projects in Wyoming and neighboring states for decades.

 In addition, all SSH team members have extensive training, knowledge and experience in the Rosgen Stream Channel Classification System and the natural channel design approach to stream channel restoration.  Using procedures developed by Dr. David Rosgen, SSH utilizes field data to develop mathematical relationships between real-world stream parameters.

The natural channel design approach to stream enhancement and restoration is based on a few key elements.  First, the stream’s own stable traits must be identified, so that there is a baseline definition of what constitutes “stable.”  Second, those same parameters are quantified for the stream’s present state.  By comparing the stream’s current state to its stable form, an assessment of stability may be made. Should unstable areas exist, the baseline understanding of stability is then used to design natural solutions that restore the creek to its preferred state.

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